SAGE Beneficiaries


Since 1989, Kapwa Ko Mahal Ko Foundation has been running a support group for children with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) and other related illnesses. ALL is a serious type of cancer that commonly affects children below ten years old. With regular treatment and follow-up, children are highly likely to survive this disease. But for families who could barely make their ends meet, treatment for ALL costs them more than an arm and a leg.


A child with cancer can push the entire family into poverty and despair. Mounting debt occurs as these indigent families try to meet the needs for regular and continuous chemotherapy which can cost up to at least PhP40k per month.


Many indigent families cannot afford the critical last few months of treatment and just give up. There was, and still is, a need to help make these children cancer warriors, who fight this disease with patience, perseverance, and faith. Thus a medical and social assistance program for children with curable cancers such as "Batang K" Program was launched.


The founder, who contracted an infection and almost succumbed to it when she was still 2 years old, and who lost her father to cancer, knows how it feels like to feel so helpless during these times.


It is with this that SAGE was launched - a brand that does not only stay true to its quality, but also to its social responsibility.


For every purchase of our SAGE slides, you are donating P100 directly to our BATANG K beneficiaries. Your P100 will go a long way in their medical treatment, and help them live a normal life.


This is what we mean when we say that SAGE is all about walking in someone else's shoes.